KTO Article: Taketomi

Read my debut article in May (2009)’s issue of the Kansai Time Out magazine.

The article deals with my trip to Taketomi island in February and can be found on page 32. Check out the website for more information on the magazine:


The article covers 2 pages and 1,500 words. The website and article display a photo of a Water-buffalo pulled tourist wagon. The article also has two further photos, one of Nishi-sanbashi (western pier) and a wall and tree near the island’s only school.


The Sea

The Sea

Taketomi is a small island in the far south of Japan in a region known as Yaeyama. It is one of the smaller islands but also one of the most accessible. it lays a mere 15mins off Ishigaki island (closest airport).

My thanks to Misa Tsutsumi for helping me arrange my visit, the staff of the restaurants and buffalo-wagons for their help and also the local Gods who did not punish me for trespassing on their shrines (i should have read the sign before i went inside).

W.F. Tyrman.


~ by wftyrman on April 6, 2009.

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