Dead Poets Society


This film has been on my Best Films list forever. Yet, it had been a long time since i watched it. The first time was at my father’s behest; “you must see Robin Williams’s two great movies, Good Morning Vietnam and Dead Poet’s Societ. While wandering around Tsutaya here in Osaka; wondering what to watch apart from Bobby and Frozen Time; both barely worth mentioning really. Then there it was, The Dead Poet’s Society.

     Having watched dozens of new movies this year, most of them new or from the last couple of years, it says something that this 1989 movie is by far better. I am not nostalgic for 80s fashion or music, but, so many of my favourite movies come from that era. An era when special effects got better but not enough to destroy character and story. This movie is all story; a wonderful one at that with an ending that shocked me even though i should have known it.

     Each of the characters from Knox’s awkward love, Charlie’s carefree abandon and embracement of individualism, Tod’s inwardness and Neil’s dreams turned bleakness represent my feelings of my past, present and aspirations. I believe we can all find something in the book. Especially in Keating’s abandment of the dry analysis of poetry. Rip out Pritchard PHD and Carpe Diem.

     I remember from University, not that long ago, that seizing the day was drugs, getting drunk and crazy or doing extreme sports. Or at least thats how i rationalised it or how it was impressed upon me. But, this film tells you more. It is about removing fears that stop you doing perfectly normal things, whether it be acting or asking that girl out you fancy.

      The parent’s and school’s reactions represent society’s inability to accept difference. Their unilaterality is interesting. Especially the parents. They represent something we think of as existing in England but it shows, its not unique to there. The parent’s live their lives through their children, shaping them as you shape a business or a lump of clay, not letting the child grow by themselves. Makes me glad my parent’s were supportive but let me go my own way.

     I would recommend this film for everyone. I’m not a good reviewer, that is plain enough to see, but, this movie is worth seeing and keeping!


~ by wftyrman on May 14, 2009.

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