2. Biog

W.F. Tyrman was born in Swindon (for which he is forever ungrateful) in 1980.  His father an RAF chef from Bristol and his mother from Thanet in Kent. He grew up with his brother, sister and a pair of cats, the loveable Domino and the fearsome hunter, Ludo. He fled west to Cymru University to read Ancient History and Archaeology. He then joined the JET programme where he has taught English in Osaka for the past 5 years.

He began writing in 2000 when he penned a play for the Drovers Arts Festival in Llanbedr Pont Stefan. Witch Trial only led to a few dozen letters in magazines and papers such as The Japan Times, Yomiuri Shimbun and Geographical; and a haiku in the Daily Telegraph. He has spent his time in Japan teaching himself the craft of writing. In May 2009 he published his first article in Kansai Time Out with others to follow.

W.F.Tyrman is currently working on multiple articles and a novel called The Red Line. Actually, he is working on a lot of novels; maybe some day he will finish one.


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