1. Welcome

W.F. Tyrman is the author of nothing yet except a travel article. With more articles in the pipeline, a number of short stories and poems waiting to be polished and a novel or three on the go, he is a busy wannabe.

Originally from Gloucestershire in the UK, he now resides in crazy old Osaka where he enjoys teaching English, hiking, the food and quality shochu.


“The documentary “Sour Strawberries – Japan’s hidden guest workers” was shot in March 2008 by a German-Japanese film crew in Tokyo. The movie shows migrants fighting for their rights as workers and citizens. The persons concerned are always at the centre of interest. While describing their situation, they are the protagonists of the movie. Contains interviews with NJ workers on their treatment, with input from people like migration expert Dr Gabriele Vogt, Dietmember Kouno Taro, Keidanren policymaker Inoue Hiroshi, labor rights leader Torii Ippei, Dietmember Tsurunen Marutei, and activist Arudou Debito, who gives us an animated tour of “Japanese Only” signs in Kabukicho.”

Check Out the Facebook Group: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=740515812&v=photos&so=15&sb=4#/group.php?gid=102168015287

Or their website: http://www.cinemabstruso.de/strawberries/main.html


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